Official trading cards for the GAA & GPA.

Cúl Heroes is the official trading cards for the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) and GPA (Gaelic Players Association).

About Us

Cul Heroes is entering its second year on the market and aims to continue its promotion of Gaelic Games, the players and the unique skills of our national sport.

This year?s trading card collection includes 565 cards, including a mixture of players, county crests and trophies, as well as gold, silver and bronze cards.

Because of the influence the GAA and its players has among young people; each card portrays a positive message around diet and emotional wellbeing. Cúl Heroes aims to be a positive influence in the lives of young people through an increased amount of messages this year such as ?Feed your body with healthy food? and ?It?s good to talk to someone when you?re sad.?

Extra value has been added with seven cards now included with the standard packet of cards, this includes one special edition card. Extra products this year includes: Starter Collection Folder, Deluxe Collection Folder and Collector Tin.

Cúl Heroes is also launching a new 56-page monthly magazine on 100 business loans which we hope will be a great read for the entire family.

Each month will include interviews with top players from around the country, while also providing performance tips through nutrition, mental fitness and skills pages.

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